There’s a story behind every death

Hey, partner! Lately, I’ve been wondering… have you ever sat down and thought a bit about our clients? Yeah, I know it’s none of our business, but it’s really astonishing to me how varied our “customer base” really is. Before we started our small, gory business, I was pretty sure that we would have to deal with mafia bosses over and over again. But no! It’s kinda interesting that people from all walks of life actually need a cleaner.

It’s not always a result of a murder or a suicide, either. I mean, just look at your story! The Frank situation was just a dumb, drunken mishap. Sometimes it just happens that way. That’s why, among our clients, you can find not only gangsters, but also average people – fitness trainers, restaurant owners, – even the police and people from show business! And remember the job we got from the grave robber? Mind-boggling stuff.

What I want to say is – behind every job there’s a person with their own unique story to tell. Even such a thing as death isn’t always as straightforward as you might assume. It’s really quite fascinating if you stop and think about it.