The Story of “SC Ropewalker”

It all started a long time ago, during the second or third month of our work, when we desperately needed some new levels. That’s when we realized that the game has to contain more than just flats or houses requiring a cleanup.

We had to come up with something fresh, but also something that would fit the game’s theme.

The main question was, what else can you find in a typical big city? One of the initial answers – a metro station! We instantly thought that it was a viable idea, so we decided to throw it in.

The backstory… we’ll figure it out later, for now, we need a body, and maybe an NPC involved in the whole story. Unfortunately, somebody came up with a “genius” idea, that this NPC is going to lead the player to the body after a quick chat. What’s the problem you might ask?

Well, let me remind you that the game is being created by just three of us. Our past experience… Yeaaah… not too much of it, we are still learning even as you read this.

Anyway, let’s move on… the problems!

First of all, we already have a ready walking animation, and it looks quite nice. Great! Now, all we gotta do is turn the NPC in the right direction, and let him go forward in the direction of the body.

Even the smallest mistake regarding the turn angle will result in a failure.
The NPC has to walk in a straight line… but it seems the animation doesn’t really want to cooperate with us here. It just doesn’t work this way.
These problems, believe me, are quite simple and easy to get through, for someone who knows what he’s doing… hah.

Then, someone calculated that we will be able to create 10 (TEN!) working levels in a single MONTH. We really had to take care of the issues, and we didn’t have too much time on our hands.

Alrighty! A script that checks if the NPC is walking in a perfectly straight line and manually moves him instead of trusting the animation should be good! Done! Oh wait… it doesn’t look too natural (just look at the legs).

Whatever, we will fix that later! For now, it goes to the “TO DO” list (yes it’s the same list that includes stuff like “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow” or “I’ll start studying hard next week”), someone will surely keep that in mind, right?

Time flies, and a couple of months later, SUDDENLY we remembered about all this… we just simply forgot about it. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?

More problems! No one really remembers what’s up with the scripts so we either have to start over…


We can just say that the guy is a big fan of a tightrope walking club called “SC Ropewalker” (where everyone walks “this” way), create a proper logo and add some graffiti to make it look legit. Now, guess what we’ve chosen? Yup…