Striking in Red

Hey there, partner in disposal! We’ve been doing it for quite some time now, haven’t we? It’s quite an adventure, just like in video games! Oh, why do I mention video games out of the blue? My nephew’s a huge fan and I feel like they are a really interesting medium these days.

Maybe one day, when we close our company, I’ll make a game to tell of all the fun we’ve had. Like, if you can even describe dead body disposal as a “fun” experience. I mean, sure we’re enjoying it, but I’m starting to feel that we’re the weirdos in society. Still, it’s a satisfaction like no other!

Anyway, maybe someone would want to know what people like us do for a living and there’s no better way of sharing the experience of our job without getting their hands covered in blood than playing a video game, am I right? I can see it now. It would have a low poly, retro-esque look to fit the noir atmosphere of the story. Greyscale and sepia would work to enhance the mood and I imagine that the blood would stand out – shocking red – from the rest. That feels really appropriate. Less is better. The nature of our work wouldn’t really get across too well if it were too gory or realistic.

Some write books about their work, others make video games!