Sounds of Disposal

Hey, partner. I gotta say, this music addiction of yours bothers the hell out of me sometimes. You know, when we’re listening to those gentle tunes that would be great while eating at a restaurant, but actually we’re just chilling and cleaning dead bodies at the same time? I know, I know… it’s a super stressful job and your mind is just seeking some tranquility. It’s logical. It bothers me nonetheless.

Oh, so you say it also helps you get more immersed in the job? Fine, whatever works for you, buddy. And tell me, which tunes do you like to listen to the most?

I see, so you like Grzegorz Wal. Isn’t that the guy who also composed the music for the game called Agony? Yeah, it’s the horror one with the soundtrack that feels like it comes from the deepest bowels of hell. It’s amazing how some musicians can find themselves in such radically different genres and still manage to create marvelous sounds.

This whole musical talk reminds me about that one time we met that guy who looked like the King of Rock & Roll. That was a weird one, wasn’t it? Or maybe he was the real deal… Some people do say he never died…