Lighting and performance improvements

It’s been a while, and we have some news for you!

Mainly, we’ve got some info on lighting and performance improvements and some news about new in-game stuff.

Light sources

We feel like the mood of Body of Evidence really relies on the proper light setting. We want you to fully enjoy the unique style of the game. We tried out a few different methods of creating an optimal light environment and we found that there were some problems connected to keeping the system requirements as low as possible while managing to get stable and satisfactory fps, even on weaker PC setups. We experienced issues with high poly objects that massively affected performance when trying to generate precise dynamic shadows. This kept us experimenting with the light sources and we also had to compromise a bit on brightness. Finally, we got to the point where we captured the vibe of the game quite well, while also keeping the system requirements to a minimum.

3D models

We aim at keeping the models simple and fitting, but we don’t want to make them super low poly, as they could look a bit off and irksome. Also, we always take the performance factor into consideration.

Additional items

As you may have noticed, there aren’t too many chatty or… alive people in the game, so we are doing our best to include elements that illuminate the storyline and the game’s lore here and there. Keep your eye out for them!