Know your culprits #3: Langusta

Body of Evidence is not a one man job. We’re a team of passionate individuals who love playing and making video games. Each and every one of us has his own hobbies and interests but the interactive medium of gaming lies deep inside our hearts. It gathers us together and inspires us to create our own digital experiences.

We’ve already shared some fun stories from the world of Body of Evidence. Now we want to introduce ourselves – one culprit at a time!

Our third gang member is… a bit special.

He has a kind of grotesque humor which we don’t quite understand very often. He also doesn’t like to share his identity with the world. He told us to call him Langusta as a pseudonym for this text. He likes cheese – like all Langustas do. That’s not common knowledge, you know? It’s their main nutrient. Our Langusta is also kinda useful. He likes to crash our game, which is convenient since it helps us to find and fix most of the major and minor bugs.