Know your culprits #2: Kacper aka Gazdek

Body of Evidence is not a one man job. We’re a team of passionate individuals who love playing and making video games. Each and every one of us has his own hobbies and interests but the interactive medium of gaming lies deep inside our hearts. It gathers us together and inspires us to create our own digital experiences.

We’ve already shared some fun stories from the world of Body of Evidence. Now we want to introduce ourselves – one culprit at a time!

Our next team member is Kacper aka Gazdek. His superpower is being a borderline pessimist. He’s doing whatever he can to ensure the story bits that are written by other devs are holding up together with the overall script. He also yells at us a lot. Sometimes he even threatens us. But without him we’d probably fall to pieces sooner than later. Kacper’s the one binding us! However, his main responsibility on the team is lighting up the game. Like, literally – he manages the light sources so the graphics look good. He’s great at camouflaging minor visual imperfections. He prefers subtlety over straightforwardness because, in his mind, it takes away some of the fun.

Gazdek also has both feet on the ground – more than anyone on our team. He’s super aware about how much work it takes to design a game that pleases the players and he strives for perfection – one step at a time.