Know your culprits #1: Jakub aka Xibuk

Body of Evidence is not a one man job. We’re a team of passionate individuals who love playing and making video games. Each and every one of us has his own hobbies and interests but the interactive medium of gaming lies deep inside our hearts. It gathers us together and inspires us to create our own digital experiences.

We’ve already shared some fun stories from the world of Body of Evidence. Now we want to introduce ourselves – one culprit at a time!

Let’s start with our main Game Designer – Kuba, aka Xibuk. We have no idea where his weird surname came from but at this point we’re too scared to ask. If anything seems off in the game or seems too abstract for its own sake – blame him! Some of the pop-culture references, like those lifted straight from Fight Club, were his idea. He loves Marquez – especially his “Hundred Years of Solitude”. Oh yes, and let’s not forget he’s still a student! He’s also a brown belt in Kyokushin Karate and a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive veteran. And he has worked for CERN, so if a Half-Life-like situation ever develops, we’re gonna be alright. Probably.