Creating 3D Objects

Every edition of a 3D model starts with a lot of thinking. What should that model look like? Who would he or she like to be? What are his or her dreams and passions? Getting into the model’s psyche is a key matter in the process of its creation.

Another important thing is to save your data on the hard drive because it has a tendency to disappear under mysterious circumstances. 😉

After getting into the psyche of the object that is being created, we start by creating a simple cube. Now it will slowly take shape into something that resembles the goal. Pulling the points may take many hours depending on the complexity of the object, but that’s just the start of the whole fun.

Lowpolizing goes quick and so does baking, but when it comes to UV mapping, well, that’s where the real action begins. Most sailors and hustlers from the streets would blush if they heard the kind of language used by a graphic designer working on the polygon mesh. The vocabulary used is very diverse and the clusters of words are surprisingly creative.

The process of creating ends when:

  • The graphic designer becomes hoarse, so he or she is not able to swear anymore and ends the work to come back to work, swearing, the next day
  • The project is actually completed

Both possibilities mean that the work on the digital piece of art is over.

Luckily, the objects are added to the game by someone else.